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Blue Kangaroo Laundromat – Stickney, IL

The Blue Kangaroo laundromat in Stickney, Illinois is conveniently located at 6645 W Pershing Rd. This commercial-based laundromat serves the surrounding neighborhoods and has been serving the local community since 2017.

Convenient Location in Stickney

The Blue Kangaroo is situated right off of Pershing Road, making it easily accessible whether you are walking from nearby neighborhoods or driving in to do your laundry. There is plenty of parking available in the lot, allowing customers to quickly park and get their laundry done.

The laundromat’s central Stickney location puts it close to many south and west side Chicago neighborhoods it serves. It draws customers from communities like Chicago Lawn, Ashburn, and more. The laundromat is also just a short drive from nearby points of interest.

Modern Amenities & Efficient Machines

The Stickney Blue Kangaroo was built from the ground up in 2017 on the site of an older laundromat, allowing for a completely modern laundromat experience. The location features around 50-60 washers and dryers to meet demand.

We offer high-quality coin laundry machines to help our customers get their laundry washed, dried, and folded as efficiently as possible. The laundromat provides helpful amenities like children’s books, laundry supplies, snacks, and more.

Serving the Community Since 2017

Our Stickney Blue Kangaroo has been serving surrounding neighborhoods since its opening in 2017. The laundromat has become a staple in the area, providing an essential service to locals. Our managers and staff work hard to make sure every customer has an excellent experience when they visit. We aim to create a real sense of community in each of our locations.

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Next time you’re looking for a quality laundromat in Stickney or the nearby communities, visit Blue Kangaroo on Pershing Rd. Our convenient location, great service, and efficient machines have made us a popular neighborhood spot.