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Blue Kangaroo Laundromat – Blue Island, IL

The Blue Kangaroo laundromat in Blue Island, Illinois is conveniently located at 2106 W Vermont St. This neighborhood laundromat has been serving the local community since February 1999.

Conveniently Located in Blue Island

The Blue Kangaroo is situated on Vermont Street, making it easily accessible for customers driving or walking from nearby neighborhoods. There is parking available in the lot for quick and easy access. The laundromat’s location in Blue Island puts it close to the neighborhoods it serves.

Modern Amenities for Blue Island Locals

Our Blue Island laundromat features a variety of modern washers and dryers to meet the needs of customers. We understand the importance of having extra-large machines available for families doing big loads of laundry. The location had many of its washers upgraded to newer, high-capacity machines around 3 years ago.

Serving the Local Community Since 1999

The Blue Kangaroo Blue Island has been serving locals in the area for over 20 years. Our knowledgeable manager and staff know many of the regular customers well. They help contribute to the laundromat’s reputation as a welcoming neighborhood laundromat.

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Next time you need to do laundry in Blue Island, visit the Blue Kangaroo on Vermont St. Our convenient location and great service have made us a trusted neighborhood laundromat since 1999.