Ask the Kangaroo

We’re set apart from the rest with friendly attendants, clean and organized stores, and much more at our 32 locations around Chicagoland, Southeast Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. Since 1995, Blue Kangaroo has enjoyed serving as your family’s laundromat.

Do you offer wash, dry and fold?

Yes, clothes are washed, dried, and folded. Shirts and pants are put on hangers and wrapped in clear plastic.

Is Blue Kangaroo a national chain or franchise?

Neither, we are a local family-owned business with 32 locations.

What washer size does Blue Kangaroo have?

We have large size washers for family size loads. 5 loads = 50-pound machine, 6 loads = 60-pound machine, 8 loads = 80-pound machine. Please ask an attendant for assistance.

What is high efficiency detergent?

Concentrated detergent, requiring up to ½ the normal detergent.

Do you have any options for entertainment for me and my child?

Yes, most stores have a Kid’s Korner with children’s programming. Bilingual TV channels are located throughout the store.

How many machines do your locations typically have?

60 washers in 5 different sizes and 60 dryers.

Do you have on-site attendants?

Yes, our attendants are available to assist with any questions.

Do you have parking?

Yes, our stores have adequate parking for up to 30 cars.

Do detergents with soap suds get clothes cleaner?

No, soap suds do not produce cleaner clothing. Low suds are just as effective at cleaning clothes as high suds detergents.